Just to illustrate how important the Supreme Court of the United States is to the current trending headlines, just hop over to ComputerWorld.com, which has posted quite a forward-looking article headlined “Apple encryption fight with FBI could go to the Supreme Court.”

Just to be clear: it will be a while – months, maybe years – before this case is appealed to the Supreme Court. It’s vital to understand what’s at stake, and CW article does a great job explaining as such:

"If the order from U.S. Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym still stands after Apple's appeal, the company can elevate the case through the courts. With the case involving privacy, national security and other major issues, the Supreme Court may be interested, some legal experts said … Some cases take years to reach the nation's highest court, but this one is likely to move faster because it's related to a high-profile terrorism investigation, with the FBI possibly hunting for associates of the shooters."

The ubiquitous iPhone – along with MacBooks, iPads and even the iWatch – are tech devices widely consumed globally by hip-hop artists, their fans and consumers. What happens to these devices in terms of government intrusion probably affects you – the person reading this – and is only amplified through hip hop lens because Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are Apple employees and stakeholders in that publicly traded and considerably powerful company.

The person that President Obama nominates to the SCOTUS is supremely important and this is just another reminder as to the ‘why.’ The new Justice and his/her colleagues will likely be weighing in and interpreting the U.S. Constitution and various federal laws against lower court rulings.