• Civil and Human Rights

    The Hip Hop Caucus continues the historical struggle for advancement by people of color and the oppressed. The central premise of this legacy of struggle is that core civil and human rights must provide justice and equality for all.

    In the 21st century, our many simultaneous fights for civil and human rights cannot be segregated by constituency group. To illustrate this point, work to stop police brutality and racial profiling (like the killing of Trayvon Martin) cannot be left only to African Americans; work for immigration reform cannot be left only to Latinos; work for marriage equality cannot be left only to members of the LGBT community; and work to end our wars and occupations abroad and to fight human rights abuses internationally cannot be left only to an often white affluent leadership.

    History shows us that social and political movements only make great change when we can unite across different backgrounds, coming from different communities. The Hip Hop Caucus’Justice: Civil and Human Rights program area promotes grassroots, online and media engagement in rapid response to escalating justice issues in real time, as well as supports our involvement as strong allies in various movements.

    In 2013, the Hip Hop Caucus’ Justice: Civil and Human Rights program area will provide solidarity support and raise awareness on the following justice issues:

    1. Police brutality, racial profiling, and the “Stand Your Ground” laws
    2. Ending the death penalty
    3. Achieving marriage equality
    4. Immigrating reform, and incremental progress such as the DREAM Act
    5. International peace and justice, including ending our military engagements abroad and bringing our troops home
    6. Black male achievement and fatherhood